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Social Media Marketing for Multifamily Properties

Potential tenants, current tenants, and even people who may just be starting their apartment search have all scrolled through social media at one point today. Are you putting your apartment complex front and center in their feed? With the right approach and execution, social media marketing can help property managers amplify a branding message and attract ideal tenants that stay in place for a long time to come.

Add Some Empathy

Sure — you’re a landlord with an investment (your apartment property), and you’re looking to make a profit. However, you’re not some faceless corporation, simply a business that only cares about collecting rent and moving on. Use social media to show empathy and start a real, human conversation with your real, human audience. 

Use content on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to highlight that human side. Showcase a “pet of the week,” celebrate an anniversary of a tenant, and add in some apartment living humor as long as it’s in good taste. You’re trying to show that your property management team is approachable and concerned about tenant satisfaction in the long run.

Boost the Visuals

Your multifamily property social media channels are also perfect for helping people visualize being a tenant. What do the current occupants of your property do? Are they having parties at the pool? Are they enjoying the dog walk area? Are they stretching out on all the green space? Appeal to their sense of vision and help place them at home in your apartments.

Broadcast Pet-Friendliness

It seems like everyone adopted a pandemic pet, and apartment complexes and multifamily properties are becoming increasingly pet-friendly to accommodate these trends. Allowing pets offers a substantial competitive edge and should be broadcasted loud and clear. Have your property management team take pictures of residents and their pets to let everyone know how welcome furry friends are on your property.

Connect to the Community

Now more than ever, property owners and tenants want to know and be connected to the communities around them. By engaging with businesses, partners, and vendors on social media, property managers offer that connection. Reshare posts, add handles and usernames as tags, or even run social media contests to give both parties a boost in exposure.

Educate and Inform

Moving into a new apartment isn’t an easy process, and many potential tenants have plenty of questions. Multifamily property managers can use social media content to answer those questions and offer a reason for potential tenants to overcome objections. Empower the audience on social media to take the next step and become a renter.

Address Customer Service

Along with a phone number and physical address location, social media can be another way to answer questions and concerns from current tenants. If your property management team shines bright in this area, use that spark on social media. Renters want to know that the property management team doesn’t go silent once they’re settled into their new place.

Outsource Property Management

The best people to post on social media about your property? The property management team, of course! They’re on the frontlines every day and have a deep understanding of the operations on the ground. By working with a team with the experience and the skills to tackle social media marketing, you can ensure that you’re sending the right digital message to current and potential renters. This, in turn, helps boost the return on your real estate investment.

We operate our communities ourselves and occasionally sell them to interested parties who share our commitment to maintaining them at the highest level possible. Our objective is to invest, transform in impactful ways, and create long-lasting communities that are truly unique. 

Our staff is dedicated to this mission, whether onsite in leasing offices, property maintenance, or in our corporate headquarters. Whether you are a prospective resident interested in leasing an apartment in one of our communities or a multifamily owner or investor in the market to buy or sell an asset, get in touch.