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Decorating Your Apartment for the Holidays

Just because you’re living in an apartment, doesn’t mean you can’t deck your halls! There are plenty of ways to get into the holiday spirit without doing any damage — and risking your security deposit.

Make Some Swaps

Space is a premium in apartments, which means you may not have room to add even more decor than you already have. No worries; just make a few strategic swaps instead. Change out your sofa’s throw pillows for more festive options or take a picture off the wall and replace it with holiday art. Even tiny changes like doormats that let Santa know where to drop off the presents can get you into the mood without overdecorating, which could make your space feel cramped and crowded.

Keep It Simple

On that same note, resist the temptation to take every single holiday decoration out of storage and add it to your apartment. Instead, select the key items that you love the most and can make an impact without overwhelming the rest of your apartment decor. Minimalism is in, and mini-trees or smaller wreaths can go a long way without taking up too much space. Take advantage of this trend in your holiday decor for a fresh, new take on decorating small spaces for the holiday season.

Just Fake It

Would you be surprised to find out that the combination of dry Christmas greenery and ornamental lights lead to 40% of fires during the holiday season? Even if your property manager doesn’t have a policy in place that prohibits live trees and wreaths, it’s an excellent idea to choose fake greenery. Not only does it keep your apartment and your neighbors safe from fire hazards, but it’s also something you can use every year, which ends up saving you money over the long run.

Tap Into the Senses

Close your eyes and picture a lush, green Christmas tree. Can’t you just smell the pine needs? You can still get that same feeling without a live tree with the right scents in your place — all without candles. There’s potpourri, wax cube warmers, room spray, and essential oil diffusers that you can use to invoke the holidays without creating a hazard. There are plenty of these scent-sational items with holiday-themed artwork and color palettes, too, adding just another festive touch to your apartment.

Scope Out a Tablescape

Although family gatherings may be on hold this year, you should deck out your dining table anyways as if the guests were on their way. Add centerpieces that remind you of family dinners from years past, and pace settings with plates emblazoned with the symbols of the season. Add covers or cushions to your chairs that continue the theme. That way, you can get a little taste of the holidays every time you sit down for a meal, even if you can’t be close to your loved ones.

Go Beyond Red and Green

While red and green are the most recognizable holiday color palette out there, those two tones may not match the decor that you have in your apartment and could overpower your small space. Instead, mimic a winter nature scene with decorations in frosty white, muted sage greens, and rustic browns (think: bare tree branches in the snow.) Get glam with gold and sparkle, or go non-traditional with frosty blues and silvers. 

Light It Up

Strands and strands of sparkling, twinkling lights just screams “the holidays are here.” Drape them around furniture or across mirrors and artwork for an unexpected twist without making holes in the walls or ceilings. You can also use non-damaging adhesive hooks and hangers that are easily removable when you’re ready to pack away the decorations for the year. These are also great for hanging any holiday decor or artwork on the wall as they’re a temporary solution that doesn’t leave a lasting mark.

Head Outside

Let your neighbors know you’re in the spirit by decorating your front door, balcony, or porch, too. Dress things up with a big (faux) wreath or a large gift-wrapping bow on the front door, and string lights from your balcony or porch Just make sure to be conscientious of your neighbors and turn them off at appropriate times. One great idea: Use holiday wrapping paper to cover your front door to get everyone excited about giving and receiving gifts.

Ready to deck out yourapartment with holiday decor? Make sure you check your lease agreement or talk to your property management team first to see what you can (and can’t) do to get into the season, and most importantly — have fun!