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Apartment Living Mistakes to Avoid

Congrats on moving into your new apartment! Whether you’re new to the area or new to renting altogether, apartment living offers a long list of benefits — but there are also a few mistakes to avoid. Watching out for these missteps makes life easier for tenants and property managers alike.

Forgetting the Inspection

An apartment inspection is as important for new renters as it is for landlords checking out a rental after a tenant moves out. It’s not enough to simply look around and give it your stamp of approval; the inspection needs to be performed with a fine-tooth comb. The fact is that someone likely lived there before you, and you deserve to get an apartment in the condition you expect — without any surprises.

Skimming Over the Lease

An apartment rental lease is a contract, plain and simple. You’ll want to carefully read (and understand) your lease agreement before checking off any boxes or signing on any dotted lines. Not only does your lease contain information about daily living, but it will also help you understand your rights as a tenant. If you have any questions, the time to ask them and get answers is before entering into this legally binding agreement.

Being a Bad Neighbor

Want to be a good neighbor in your new apartment complex? Become the tenant that you’d like to live next to yourself. That’s less about saying hi in the hallway (which you should do) and more about keeping your activities quiet and respectful. When you’re listening to music or have guests over, remember to be conscientious about noise levels and how they could disrupt your neighbors. 

Not Making the Space Your Own

Just because you live in an apartment, doesn’t mean you can’t customize your home in the styles you love. While what you can do to your home is limited by the lease you sign, there are plenty of great blogs, tips, and guides intended specifically for apartment interior design and space-saving organization strategies.

Skipping Regular Cleaning

Although your apartment may not be large, it can still seem like a daunting task to take on the whole thing. Break it down room-by-room and start with the spaces that you dislike cleaning the most. It will give you a greater sense of satisfaction to cross each room off the list, one by one. Seasonal cleaning (on top of weekly cleaning) can keep your apartment looking nice, but more importantly, it will help you keep it in the condition it was when you moved in.

Waiting to Report Maintenance Issues

The minute that something needs to be repaired, you should contact the property management team ASAP. Small issues like little leaks or a minor pest problem could become much bigger faster than you realize. Damage to your apartment or others could cause quite a disruption — one that you can avoid if you’re proactive about it. 

Paying Your Rent Late

The key here is to establish a track record of dependability with your property manager. If you run into some bumps in the road paying rent, you may get a little leeway based on your past timeliness. Some landlords can even report payment status to credit bureaus which improves your scores that will eventually work in your favor when you’re ready to make a big purchase (like a house).

Not Investing In Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance is often a required purchase for many apartment properties, but even if it’s not it’s a smart move to make. You’ll likely spend a good deal on the right furniture and decorations for your first place, and if something were to happen to your belongings without insurance coverage, you would likely have to bring your landlord to small claims court to recoup the losses.

Making the most of your new apartment means knowing which dos and don’ts to consider. We manage a range of properties that fit any and every budget and lifestyle, and we’re ready to build a relationship with you. We operate our communities ourselves and occasionally sell them to interested parties who share our commitment to maintaining them at the highest level possible. Let us show you your new home!